Speech therapist in the nursing home “LUG”

The nursing home „Lug“ stands out in quality of services provided through extended rehabilitation, in addition to other physical and technical benefits.

The rehabilitation of speech is also included, ie. speech therapy of adults with impaired speech, language and cognitive skills.

Speech pathology is primarily concerned with communication disorders includingboth verbal and nonverbal aspects. It is less known that speech pathologists also deal with communication problems of adults. Speech and language disorders may develop as a result of: hearing, voice, traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain and throat tumors, infections and poisoning, mental disorders, dementia and other neurodegenerative and progressive diseases.

With aging, there is a need to improve the quality of life through integrative and systematic rehabilitation procedures. The knowledge in neuropsychology, neurolinguistics, psychiatry and other border disciplines have always been applied in speech pathology and general defectology.

Speech therapy rehabilitates the swallowing function, voice, speech, language, stimulate verbal-to-thought processes and other cognitive functions that serve or are closely related to speech (attention, perception, memory, learning, reasoning, executive function). Each of these functions represent a complex system that we acquire and learn for years, and which may be damaged due to a disease or old age. Speech therapy exercises are carried out individually or in groups. In speech therapy all sensors are engaged, as well as many physiological and anatomical systems, in respect to socio-educational, emotional and other psychological characteristics of individuals.

Depending on the problem type, different methods and techniques are applied to improve communication and intellectual abilities. The speech therapist provides assistance during the medical examination, to the staff and family of the person who has difficulties in communication and co-operation because of hearing loss, stroke or dementia.


Logoped u Domu za Stare

There is a saying: "Language is the mirror of thoughts." It's hard to imagine even one day without a sound, spoken word, thought. Language and speech allow us to express emotions, attitudes, demonstrate knowledge and wisdom, origin, and to argue and persuade. The task of a speech therapist is to rehabilitate and compensate losses, delay the progression of the disorder, and to use alternative forms of communication when speech is not possible; and in health, to preserve, enrich the linguistic and intellectual power of individuals to fulfill and dignify a life.