The Nursing home LUG, in Mladenovac, Serbia, is a modern center that provides adequate care and medical supervision to its residents by combining it with rehabilitation in terms of hotel accommodation and location, such as air spa. The Nursing home Lug was opened in 2004 and in its complex has two pavilions surrounded by a large park with paths, summer houses and alleys.
The total capacity of both pavilions is 160 residents.


Usluge starackog doma LUG

In addition to permanent accommodation, the nursing home LUG provides services of temporary accommodation, holidays, annual visits, initiation or continuation of rehabilitation after a spa treatment. The pavilions with elevators, and all necessary facilities for permanent and temporary stay for independent and dependent persons, provide:

Description of services

  •  qualified medical supervision in the presence of doctors, nurses and technicians is organized 24 hours a day;
  •  physical therapy in a special room equipped with appliances with diadinamic and interference currents, magnetic therapy, ultrasound, laser, etc.; a range of devices such as looms, ladders, mats, fitness bikes, etc.. According to the patients' health status, physiologist administered exercises are performed in the presence of a physical therapist.
  •  occupational therapy in a room with a variety of devices that allow arm and leg exercises, and coordination.
  •  a workshop for creative activities that encourage users to show their potential for
  • modeling, painting and teamwork.
  •  speech therapy services;
  •  accommodation in comfortable rooms with bathroom, hall and balcony;
  •  accommodation in apartments (containing a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and an entrance hall);
  •  for immobilized people we have beds for semi-intensive care with antidecubital mattresses;
  •  a diverse and high quality local cuisine made by the advice of a nutritionist and diet preparation;
  •  a modern fitted kitchen with a spacious dining room;
  •  large living rooms on all floors;
  •  organized purchases of medicines and necessary supplies;
  •  the ability to use telephones in all rooms, emergency signaling is right beside the bed;
  •  TV and radio receivers in the living rooms, TVs in all rooms;
  •  a peaceful and pleasant environment including a landscaped park with summer houses,
  • fountains, beautiful gardens and rose gardens, without any traffic or noise, and a panoramic view of the city Mladenovac and mountains Kosmaj and Bukulja;
  •  shop, hairdressing salon and a pedicure at the institution
  •  the immediate vicinity of urban public transport

Health surveillance:

  • go to medical records and administration of medical treatment by our doctors;
  •  symptomatic therapy (parenteral, oral, infusion);
  •  measuring blood pressure;
  •  electrocardiogram analysis (ECG, as well as the ability of control in the coronary unit in nearby hospital);
  •  control of blood sugar (local counseling for diabetics);
  •  oxygen therapy as needed;
  •  replacement of the catheter (available city nephrology ambulance);
  •  bandaging, wound treatment (available local surgical clinic consultation);
  •  the possibility of internal examination, ultrasound of the abdomen and heart, andophthalmologic examination in city ambulance.

Social life:
organizing daily activities in the presence of social workers;

  •  read daily and weekly press, and monitor radio and TV (terrestrial and satellite);
  •  rent books from the nursing home library;
  •  opportunity to play various board games (cards, chess, dominoes, etc..)
  •  optional excursions organized, with a walking tour through Serbian cultural and natural heritage, as well as visits to cultural events;
  •  organized visits to weekly morning services in the local church;


Address: Brestovačka 29

11409 Kovačevac, Mladenovac


(2 kilometers from the road Mladenovac to Smederevska Palanka)

Mladenovac can be reached:

the turnoff from the highway Belgrade-Niš at Mali Požarevac (another 14km to Mladenovac)

Telephone: 381-11- 8213-981, 8213-982, 8213-983 (every day from 8:00 to 20:00 hours central European


Fax: 381-11-8213- 982

Mobile: 381-64-54- 99-848